Former f(x) members Victoria Song and Amber Liu Pay Their Respects to Sulli

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It was just a few days ago when K-ent was hit with the heartbreaking news of Sulli‘s passing and since then, many of her fans, friends and colleagues have been paying their respect in various ways. Many used their social media accounts to send their condolences to the grieving family of the young star and some celebrities halted their respective events. 

Among them are Amber Liu and Victoria Song who were both part of the group f(x) with Sulli. Amber was the first from the girl group members to post an update on her IG account saying that her activities will be re-scheduled due to recent events and flew from the United States to attend the funeral. Victoria Song cancelled her filming schedule and also went to Korea. Luna was also present at the funeral but even though I’ve been waiting for an f(x) reunion for years, I’m not happy to see them together in this kind of situation. 
Some netizens haven’t been kind enough to let others lament Sulli’s death and instead made accusations that some of her friends in show business don’t seem to be affected just because they aren’t publicly grieving which I honestly find ridiculous! Just because someone isn’t showing their grief doesn’t mean they aren’t hurting. 
Krystal and Victoria Song were among those who initially did not write anything online, however, the latter recently updated her Instagram account with a photo of all the five f(x) members and captioning it with a short and sweet message for Sulli.
It’s been painful seeing a lot of malicious comments online which I assume triggered Victoria Song to address it with a long update on on Weibo. She opened her post by asking people when have social media platforms become a measurement to validate a person’s feelings or morality. She said that she’d rather live honestly than be pretentious like most people online who make up stories instead of doing something meaningful with their lives. The actress mentioned that social media platforms are a place to share but it seems like now, it’s been used to put on a show. She ended her lengthy post with a meaningful line saying: “Looking into your heart with a clear conscience is enough. . Some words don’t need to be said.” 
Honestly, why can’t people just respect each other? Instead of badgering for posts online why can’t they just be mourned in private? Not everyone wear their hearts on their sleeves.
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