Fish Leong and Christine Fan Remain Fast Friends Despite Fallout Speculations

fish leong christine fan
Ever since her manager prematurely blew the lid on Fish Leong‘s divorce even before Fish herself confirmed the split to her fans, Taiwanese singer Christine Fan has been getting a lot of hate from Netizens for being a blabbermouth.

In fact, Netizens went even further by also digging up the issue of her infamous falling out with fellow Taiwanese singer Angela Chang once again! Christine and Angela used to be good friends belonging to the same label almost a decade ago, but have since drifted apart due to a falling out over what many suspect as competition for more resources from their record company. You’d have thought that since it happened almost a decade ago, the issue would’ve already been put to bed but alas it always seems to crop up whenever one or the other appears on television, and even recently when Angela dropped her new single, people thought that some of the lyrics *could* be referring to Christine!
Anyway, despite what other people may think, Christine Fan and Fish Leong are still friends. Fish actually posted a fun photo of them together on her Instagram captioned “Forever loving each other” with the hashtag “ thank you to the media for allowing us to love each other more ” tacked on. 














Christine also posted a sweet photo of the two of them hugging on her Facebook account, proving that the pair’s friendship is still going strong a month after the brouhaha that earned the singer several haters. 
fish leong christine fan
Captioned ” Forever Forever Forever ?? @Fish Leong ”, it looks like the friendship between the two ladies remains unchanged despite the media storm surrounding them.  Fans of the two friends have also positively commented, many wishing their friendship longevity and good luck, while others pointed out that a friendship that is not rocked by rumours is a true friendship! Well, it’s lovely to see both ladies strongly supporting each other and remember to give your friends a hug when you next see them because great friends make the strongest of relationships.
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