Feng Shaofeng Believes in Supporting His Son’s Dreams in the Future

feng shaofeng
Parents always have a protective side when it comes to their kids and it looks like Feng Shaofeng is no different as he discovers things about himself now that he is a new father to a baby boy whom his wife Zhao Liying gave birth to earlier this March.  

feng shaofeng childhood photo
Feng Shaofeng childhood photo
In a recent show, Feng Shaofeng revealed that he owes a lot to his family. He was a bit rebellious when he was younger and couldn’t really understand his parents. Back then, he loved riding motorcycles. His parents were constantly worried for him for many years but now that he’s a parent, he feels different. 
feng shaofeng
Talking about his son for the first time, Feng Shaofeng shared a time when he had put on his helmet to go for a ride. He looked at his son who was only a few months old, staring wide eyed and raising his arms up in the air, seemingly cheering on his dad. Zhao Liying then casually asked, “you love to ride the motorcycle so much, when your son grows up, will you let him ride too?” to which he responds “no” right away.
He later on reflects on his answer, thinking that if his son really had the same dreams as him, he would happily support his child while teaching him how to be safe. Although he added that no matter what, he would probably still be worrying about his son everyday.
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