Fan Bingbing Glistens in Her Latest Appearance at a Fashion Show

From being one of China’s biggest stars to making an abrupt departure from the spotlight, Fan Bingbing makes an appearance again at her friend Zhang Shuai’s fashion show that features his 2020 Spring/Summer Diamond Collection. Ah, that explains all the sparkles. Also turning heads is The Eyas star Kevin Yan Yikuan who was among the attendees. He was incredibly dashing yet out of place with his leather jacket. I mean, where’s the glitter? Kidding aside, the man of the hour Zhang Shuai opted to wear a black suit, lined-sparkle pants and a bow-tie to complete his look. 

Her career may be on the rocks but dang, you can’t deny that Fan Bingbing has some killer visuals. Wearing an all-black evening suit with glitter dots, the actress settled for a pair of dangled leaf earrings to complete her ensemble. 
I first saw Fan Bingbing in X-men: Days of the Future Past as Blink, and I still remember binge-watching her dramas after that. Her frequent emergence in the public seems to be her way of testing to see if netizens are ready for her to come back. It’s coming in slow trickles, but it seems that she’s trying. It’s definitely sad that her career has gone down the drain and it doesn’t help that the public isn’t so forgiving, but I hope a nice project will come along to help the actress redeem herself.
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