Dylan Wang Asks for Peace and Quiet on the Set of His New Drama

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The National Southwest Associated University and Us 我们的西南联大 has started filming at Tsinghua University since August 24, 2019. It marks Dylan Wang’s third drama since debuting as an actor and once again puts him in a starring role. Despite being busy filming, Dylan would occasionally take to Weibo to share updates from the set like getting to act alongside Yu Haoming who played ‘Lei’ from the 2009 Chinese version of Meteor Garden and his reunion with fellow Ever Night actor Wang Jinsong

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Despite the wide smiles, it seems that Dylan has been experiencing disruptions on set that led him to address fans on social media. He writes, “To my Xiongdihuo 兄弟伙 (fans): Now is the time of filming, regardless of whether I’m on set or resting after work, I do not wish to be disturbed. I know that you’re all very supportive and loving towards me, but I would rather that you support my acting instead after each of my projects have aired. Hope that everyone can stop affecting the crew from filming, the time spent waiting on the set for long durations also affects your own lives. A quiet environment is required in order to film, hope that you can let me be more at ease on set. “
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