Drama Drought #3

If you happen to be in a drama lull – I hope the list below may provide some reprieve. Please feel free to list any dramas you are currently loving or past dramas you’d recommend checking out. 

Mr Fighting Chinese 2019 
Exclusive Memory Chinese 2019 
Just Between Lovers Korean 2017 
Us and Them Chinese (Movie) 2018 
Age of Rebellion Taiwan 2018 
Chief of Staff Korean 2019 
All Is Well Chinese 2019 
Kingdom Korean 2019 
Item Korean 2019
Terius Behind Korean 2018 
Romantic Comedy 
Go Go Squid Chinese 2019 
She is Beautiful Chinese 2018 
Le Coup de Foudre Chinese 2019 
Love Me Actually Korean (Variety Show) 2019 
Wuxia / Xianxia / Historical (Costume Dramas) 
Bloody Romance Chinese 2018 
My Country: The New Age Korean 2019 
Love and Destiny Chinese 2019 
The Legends Chinese  2019 
Ever Night Chinese  2018
Like a Flowing River Chinese 2018 

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