Dilraba Dilmurat Gifts Herself A Stunning White Wedding Dress

dilraba dilmurat
Thanks to the countless stories in Greek mythology and movies set against the cobalt blue waters of the Aegean, Greece has always been high on the list of countries I’ve always wanted to visit. Imagine its sun baked islands and golden sandy beaches, with the eternal Greek sunshine gilding the whitewashed houses perched on rocky cliffs, and the cobalt blue waters meeting the azure sky in the horizon, you surely can’t ask for a more beautiful spot than this! Actress Dilraba Dilmurat certainly lucked out when she signed up for the second season of the travel program Slow Life: Feel the World 慢游全世界 when it took her to these glorious isles! 

dilraba dilmurat white wedding dress
She certainly couldn’t have picked a better spot to show off the gorgeous wedding dress she took along for a mini photo shoot either! I mean, whitewashed stucco set against all that blue and gorgeous light .. it’s the perfect foil for a photo shoot!
But before we all go leaping into different conclusions, let me just reiterate that wedding bells aren’t yet in order for the actress. The dress, it seems, is her gift to her 27 year old self, to remind her to always be brave and to always dare to dream! Quite an unusual gift to be sure since most of us will usually splurge on a luxurious item or a trip overseas as a gift to ourselves. But it certainly serves up some beautiful visuals doesn’t it?
dilraba dilmurat white wedding dress
dilraba dilmurat white wedding dress
dilraba dilmurat white wedding dress
dilraba dilmurat white wedding dress
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