Dilraba Dilmurat and Xiao Zhan’s Fans Dismiss Rumored Pairup for Mirror Twin Cities

dilireba xiao zhan
There have been zero updates about Mirror Twin Cities 镜·双城 since last year but rumors just keep coming. It wasn’t long ago when there were rumors of Li Yifeng and Yang Zi starring in that drama yet it turned out to be nothing but smoke. New rumors now point to Dilraba Dilmurat and Xiao Zhan as the leads and that the two will allegedly start filming in Hengdian.

With both actors having large fanbases that can be fiercely protective of their idols, many aren’t too keen on the two being linked together. Both Dilraba and Xiao Zhan fans object to the rumors and firmly call for others to wait for the official announcement before jumping to conclusions. 
Come to think of it,  both are busy with their respective projects. Dilraba is currently in the middle of filming Love Advanced Customization opposite Johnny Huang. She has unaired projects like The Pillow Book and Legend of Sun and Moon. Meanwhile, Xiao Zhan is currently filming The Oath of Love opposite Yang Zi. He also has unaired shows such as Joy of Life, The Majesty of Wolf and Douluo Continent
Given how well these two have done in their past costume dramas, the team up might actually be a nice decision. But as their fans say, there’s no point getting worked up over something that may or may not happen. Who knows? This may be a ploy from people who’s got nothing better to do than to pit the fans of two popular celebs against each other. 


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