Chinese Actresses with 4 or More Dramas in the Pipeline

chinese actresses
If you’ve already seen the list for actors, it’s time to turn our attention to the ladies and it looks like there’s an even longer queue of dramas waiting to be aired with the oldest filmed as far back as 6 years ago. As one of the commenters pointed out, Li Yitong unfortunately takes the cake for having the most dramas stuck in queue. It makes me wonder how they actually make money. 

Jiang Xin: If Time Flows Back, The Galloped Era, Eighteen Springs, The Last Wulin 
Li Yitong: Glory of the Special Forces, Ode to Daughter of Great Tang, Royal Nirvana, Begonia Rouge, Sword Dynasty, Zhao Ge, Love Me Don’t Think Too Much, Just To Meet You At That Moment 
Qin Lan: We Are All Alone, The People’s Property, The Eight, Love and Passion, Tian Sichuan 
Victoria Song: Broker, Find Yourself, August Not the End, Love in Shanghai 
Tong Liya: Perfect Partner, Unmarried Queen, The Fiery Years of Gao Daxia, Love Without a Trace 


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