Chen Xiao Takes on the Role of Troubled TV Host in the Modern Drama Simmer Down

simmer down cdrama chen xiao
2019 has been a busy time for Chen Xiao’s fans as his dramas Queen Dugu, Love Journey and The King of Land Battle have all hit the airwaves this year. Even so, the hardworking actor has 4 more dramas waiting to air and it looks like he just added one more. 
Imagine being the host of a popular TV show where people would call to ask for advice regarding their problems but due to some trauma of your own, you’re unable to really connect with your viewers. Then another show comes in and kicks you out of your time slot. Oooff. This is how it’s going to be for Chen Xiao who takes on the leading role in the modern drama Simmer Down 好好说话.

simmer down cdrama wang xiaochen
Leading lady Wang Xiaochen will be playing a lawyer who wants to win but keeps losing her chance when the male lead intervenes. That’s a love-hate relationship in the making right there, and I wonder whose butt is going to get kicked. 
Joining them is a pretty long list of names that include David Wang Yaoqing, Zeng Li, Leon Lai Yi, Zhu Jintong, Ni Dahong, Wang Zhifei, Zhang Guangbei, Zhou Xiaobin, Tu Ling and Wang Sisi.
simmer down cdrama david wang yaoqing
simmer down cdrama zeng li
simmer down cdrama leon lai yi
simmer down cdrama
simmer down cdrama ni dahong
simmer down cdrama
simmer down cdrama
simmer down cdrama
simmer down cdrama
simmer down cdrama wang sisi
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