C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings (week starting Oct 21)

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It’s Monday again which means it’s time to check out which shows did well! The much-awaited spy-thriller Sparrow 2: Awakening of Insects opened strongly on Tuesday with 1.523% and took over the slot from Ji Dang. Awakening of Insects managed to play within 2nd to 4th place throughout the week. On The Road ended with remarkable numbers, hitting its highest of 1.704%, and topping the dramas on primetime. The Galloped Era takes over its slot with numbers hitting as high as 1.5% on Zhejiang TV. Nevertheless, The Glorious Era and its story about spies and patriotism seems to have taken over the top spot now that On the Road has ended

Meanwhile, You Are My Answer wraps up its run with 0.880% and was replaced by A Little Thing Called First Love averaging at 0.9%. My Robot Boyfriend is another romance drama at 10PM with numbers averaging close to 0.5%. 

On The Road still holds the top spot online and is followed by No Secrets, which is the drama remake of Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk’s I Can Hear Your VoiceHuang Zitao‘s Hot-Blooded Youth also enters the list in 8thYang Zi remains as the top celebrity for six consecutive weeks. Deng Lun enters the list in 3rd place as his new drama Blossom in Heart with Li Yitong just aired. Jackson Yee secures the 10th spot.

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*The table includes primetime shows that air at 19:30, those highlighted in blue air at 22:00. **Overall rankings are for the shows airing on the same night, regardless of air time. *** Reruns are not included. **** Dramas that air on CCTV (the state television broadcaster in China) are not included. 
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Top Dramas (7-Day)  
9. The Passionate Times
10. Yi Ma San Si Ling
Top Celebrities (7-Day) 
*Starting Aug 31, 2019, Vlinkage top 10 tracks dramas on the six streaming sites (Youku, iQiyi, Tencent, LeTV, Sohu, Mango). The 7-day rankings are the sum of the daily view count on Vlinkage. ** Star popularity is based on view count, weibo, douban, tieba, search results, etc 
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