Bea Hayden Kuo and Jacky Heung’s First Fight Shown on Reality Show

bea hayden jacky heung
After a hectic run up to their extravagant wedding in Italy, newlyweds Bea Hayden Kuo and Jacky Heung are on their honeymoon in Europe.. all the while with the cameras still rolling for the show Meeting Mr. Right 2.

Like any quasi reality show worth their salt, the cameras inevitably captured the pair’s first falling-out as Mr and Mrs, with footage from the program showing Bea Hayden wiping off a tear while the two were driving toward their accommodations for the night. Jacky had been driving for over 4 hours looking out of sorts while driving rather fast along the road. When he accidentally hits a potted plant in the roadside, Bea Hayden bursts into tears. Jacky quickly apologised to his wife and said he didn’t purposely do it. 

bea hayden jacky heung
Their mood only worsened when they had to trek up to their B&B. Jacky was shown to be still in a foul mood while an emotional Bea Hayden was shown walking out to the balcony getting some air and then walking back in to sit on the sofa to silently cry. Jacky later explained that even though he didn’t want to lose his temper, he couldn’t control his emotions. He was angry with himself for not planning things well on their wedding day that he never told Bea Hayden about. 
bea hayden jacky heung
The silent treatment continues when the two head out to dinner, though this time it was Bea Hayden who dismisses her husband’s attempt to make peace.

Uh oh. It looks like a rocky start to the marriage.Thankfully, cooler heads soon prevailed over dinner and the pair agreed to communicate, understand and tolerate each other more moving forward. Great take-away from the couple! Too bad they could’ve avoided the entire silent treatment drama on the first day of their honeymoon if they only listened to their own counsel a wee bit earlier. Reality television eh? I do wonder which part of this was scripted though… Oh well, I guess they could chalk this up as a learning experience for the future.

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