Awakening of Insects (2019)

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Tailored suits, suspenseful action, and hot undercover spies are the makings of the Republican drama Awakening of Insects 麻雀2之惊蛰

awakening of insects zhang ruoyun
Adapted from a novel by Hai Fei, it is the second novel by the writer to hit the small screens with Sparrow led by Li Yifeng being the first. Zhang Ruoyun who played the second lead in Sparrow headlines this sequel. 
awakening of insects angel wang ou
The 40-episode series takes place in 1941 and follows the story of Chen Shan, a man from the streets who finds his life changed because of his inadvertent resemblance to a Kuomintang spy. Japanese agent, Huang Mu Wei, played by Wang Longzhengabducts his blind sister, Chen Xia, played by Luo Qiuyun, in order to force him to work for them.
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Chen Shan takes the identity of Xiao Zhengguo and begins his training. He is sent to Xiao Zhengguo’s home in Chongqing where he begins living with his wife, Yu Xiaowan, played by Kan Qingzi. While there, he meets a female underground member of the Communist party, Zhang Li, played by Wang Ou, and falls in love with her instantly. Wang Ou opens our protagonist’s eyes to the significance of his role in society; he turns into a patriotic man who eagerly fights for his country. 
awakening of insects adi kan qingzi
The cast also includes Sun Yizhou, Yu Xiaowei, Li QiangGao ShuguangWang Wanjuan and Wendy Luo Qiuyun. 
awakening of insects
Given that the team behind the scenes of Sparrow is the same team responsible for this drama, I’m feeling positive that the outcome will be just as great. The intricate plot and the amazing ensemble cast is enough to hype any viewers, including yours truly. I’m a big fan of spy-thriller movies so I’m quite intrigued.
awakening of insects
Release Date: October 22, 2019 Hunan TV, Tencent, iQIYI (two episodes daily at 7:30pm) 
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