Angelababy Wants to Be Remembered for Her Work

While many may know the name Angelababy, it’s no secret that the actress hasn’t always had the reputation of having the best reviews for her acting. Take her show My True Friend 我的真朋友 for example. The drama had a lot of potential from the get go – a star studded cast and two popular male leads making a name for themselves. Yet it wasn’t enough to entice audiences who were put off by Angelababy’s acting to give the drama a go. Others who did said her co-stars Deng Lunand Zhu Yilong were ultimately the show’s saving graces. 
Quite frankly, in Angelababy’s shoes, hearing these kinds of comments is definitely a hard pill to swallow. Appearing in the second season of the travel show Adventures of Life奇遇人生, the actress talks candidly about the difficulties of being an artist whilst out biking in Canada. She said that to do well in the industry, there must be no shortcomings! When you do well, people will applaud you and say well done. But when they criticize you, well, that’s your own business to take care of. She also acknowledged that being a celebrity means being talked about endlessly based on stories about their personal lives. She feels that she didn’t do well in that aspect as people often remember her for being married to Huang Xiaoming
In the face of her numerous critics, Angelababy is not a big advocate of “running away”. She’d rather stay and boldly face the censure – “I think escaping is merely temporary because you can’t keep running your entire life. So don’t. Just hold tight and stand tall.” That isn’t to say though that she won’t be trying to improve her game. She admits that when people ask her what she wants to do the most, she says she’d dearly love to have a good body of work she can be remembered for and not just for her personal life. “One of the hardest things about being an artiste is that whatever happens in your life big or small, there will always be talk and then things will be blown out of proportion. People will always be interested about the scandalous and outrageous things but rarely do they want to know the truth”.
Leaving a good legacy is indeed a noble cause, and it’s nice to see Angelababy aiming for a higher goal. Hopefully she will be able to translate this aspiration very well into her acting and to the scripts that come her way in the future. Good luck!
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