Ang Lee Names Huang Bo As The Actor He Wants to Work With

Ang Lee Names Huang Bo As The Actor He Wants to Work With
Academy Award winning director Ang Lee may have a new film out for autumn, but he’s already eyeballing potential new projects in the future. In an interview for his newest work Gemini Man, a sci-fi action thriller starring Will Smith as an assassin targeted by a younger clone of himself which will be released in theatres soon, the director revealed that while he doesn’t dare make scary horror films, if he’s still making the shots, he would really like to make a comedy!

While the genre may not be something you’d typically expect for an Ang Lee flick, the idea isn’t overly far fetched since the critically acclaimed director has been known to dabble in a wide range of genres in the past. I mean, his body of work ranges from the martial arts flick Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the movie adaptation of the Jane Austen classic Sense and Sensibility, 2003’s super hero flick Hulk which starred Eric Bana as the green guy, to the multi award winning Brokeback Mountain and the Life of Pi both of which won him two Academy Awards as Best Director, etc. So yeah, the idea of adding a comedy under his belt is not something too out of this world for him. 
What’s interesting to note though is that the director specifically named actor and funny guy Huang Bo as the person he wants to work with when that comedy becomes a reality. Understandably, the actor in question was super chuffed with the news, reposting on his social media page the clip with a caption that reverentially says “In fear and trepidation <stunned and shy emojis>, comedy <speechless smile emoji>, hoping that a beautiful creation will come to a fruition! ”

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