Aarif Rahman Introduces Girlfriend After Being Spotted by Paparazzi

aarif rahman
After gaining attention as the romantic lead in Princess Silver earlier this year, actor Aarif Rahman recently took the headlines when paparazzi captured shots of him at a restaurant where he was celebrating the birthday of a mystery woman and even shared a quick kiss with her. The two were also spotted together previously. As the news trended, there were comments about her appearance and how she looked like an internet star. 

aarif rahman
Aarif Rahman took to social media to confirm that he is indeed dating. He writes, “Thank you for your blessings! She is a Chinese national with mixed ancestry. She grew up in Dubai and I am her first love, so we wanted to keep things private. This is also why we didn’t go public at first instance. She is not in showbiz nor is she an internet star. Hope that everyone can stop commenting about her. In the road going forward, hope that everyone can pay more attention to my projects, I will work hard to be a good man and a good actor.” 
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