Zheng Shuang’s Boyfriend Gets Flak for Giving Her the Cold Shoulder

Zheng Shuang’s Boyfriend Gets Flak for Giving Her the Cold Shoulder
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Zheng Shuang‘s boyfriend Zhang Heng gets on everyone’s bad side after he deliberately ignored Zheng Shuang’s pleas to resolve a misunderstanding between them. 

video from the reality show Meeting Mr. Right showed a Zheng Shuang in low spirits trying to console an annoyed Zhang Heng. Apparently, their misunderstanding stemmed from Zheng Shuang rejecting most of the clothes her glam team (which includes Zhang Heng) chose for her. It could have been quickly resolved if Zhang Heng had chosen to talk about it as the couple drove to return the clothes, but what angered netizens is that he kept silent as Zheng Shuang tried to hold his hand and asked if he was angry because of her. He also did nothing to comfort Zheng Shuang when she started to cry.

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Zhang Heng only defended the efforts of the team afterwards, saying that Zheng Shuang had already approved them before, yet changed her mind and wasted the efforts of the team.

It wasn’t just the internet that had something to say as Zheng Shuang’s father Zheng Chenghua expressed his disappointment saying that Zhang Heng should have done something, especially when his daughter put down her pride just to talk it out. He wrote on Weibo, “As parents, it hurts to see your children treated unfairly. There are times that we should focus on the action rather than the person. I hope that the kids will slowly gain experiences that will eventually enable them to grow, whether it be in love or at work. Nothing is without challenges!”

I personally agree that Zhang Heng could have talked it out while inside the car. Yet at the end of the day, the couple and Zheng Shuang’s dad are participants of a reality show where things can be overly dramatized. How about you, what do you think? Leave a comment below!
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