Zheng Shuang And Boyfriend Zhang Heng’s Pet Pig Fail

Zheng Shuang And Boyfriend Zhang Heng’s Pet Pig Fail
zheng shuang boyfriend qixi gift
What’s the most unusual gift you’ve ever received?

Actress Zheng Shuang received a gift from boyfriend Zhang Heng that’s a bit out of the ordinary. In a recent episode of Meeting Mr. Right, celebrity couple Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng gave audiences a glimpse of their lowkey Chinese Valentine’s celebration this year, opting instead to spend it at home cooking, dressed in matching couple aprons and taking funny selfies while sat around the dinner table. And since it’s customary to gift your partner a little something for the occasion, Zhang Heng presented his girlfriend with a white box wrapped with a pink bow. 

zheng shuang pet pig
Nothing unusual about getting gifts from your beau, it’s just that the mysterious box contained a new pet pig for the actress! Talk about an unusual gift eh – unusual enough that it’s sparked some buzz on the Chinese social media sphere.

victoria song pet pig
Are pet pigs starting to become a trend only amongst celebs?! Victoria Song is a proud mom to her pet pig that she used to carry around wrapped in a blanket. Jing Boran had previously shared a photo of his pet pig as well. 

jing boran pet pig
However, netizens still remember Show Lo’s pet pig. The actor-singer whose nickname Xiao Zhu (小猪) means ‘little pig’ purchased a mini pig in the past. At the time, the seller guaranteed that it wouldn’t grow in size, but it kept growing. He then gave it to his mom to take care of but she called him one day saying that it’s not a mini pig. The whopping 400 + pounds pet turned out to be a wild boar! 
show lo pig
As for Zheng Shuang, well, it looks like the actress wasn’t too excited about her new pet, appearing a bit panicked when she first opened the box – she said it looked like she was getting a dog when she first saw it but as she peered in, it was a pig! “Do normal people give pigs as a gift?! ” says the actress. Her bf, who saw her shock bantered “Didn’t you really like pigs? Didn’t you say I’m like a pig?” Heh. It appears Zheng Shuang only likes stuffed (toy) pigs and not the real thing. Oopsie. 

zheng shuang mini pig

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