Zhang Dada and Park Solomon Headline Chinese Adaptation of the K-Webtoon Lookism

Zhang Dada and Park Solomon Headline Chinese Adaptation of the K-Webtoon Lookism
lookism webtoon adaptation
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live as someone who is the complete opposite of you? Well that’s exactly what famed TV host Zhang Dada and Korean actor Park Solomon will show us in their drama Lookism 外貌至上主义

lookism webtoon adaptation
What’s interesting is that the Chinese drama is based on the ongoing Korean webtoon of the same name! The story follows a young man who is fat, nerdish-looking, unpopular and gets constantly bullied. Zhang Dada’s character decides to transfer schools so he can have a fresh start. But one day, he’s surprised to find himself waking up in an athletic and very handsome body! Queue in Sweet Revenge‘s Park Solomon. Suddenly, he finds his social status changing from loser to Mr. Popular. Now that he can switch between his original body and this perfect one, his life has taken a turn for the better. (Hmm, or has it?) 

lookism webtoon adaptation
While it’s not new for Chinese and Korean stars to be in a project together, it’s been made scarce in the last couple of years even after the hallyu ban ended.
lookism webtoon adaptation
This may be Zhang Dada’s first leading role. Before this, he’d get attention for rubbing elbows with popular actresses like Yang MiAngelababy and Zhao Liying whom he’s friends with. But wow, from the clips that I saw, this guy can act. Meanwhile, Park Solomon is a good fit for the second lead role’s description since his charm is unmistakable. I’ve yet to see both men act and with an interesting story as this, I might just give it a try. It has started airing as a Tencent web series on September 26, 2019. 

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