Victoria Song’s Heartfelt Message as Contract with SM Expires

Victoria Song’s Heartfelt Message as Contract with SM Expires
Victoria Song
South Korean girl group f(x) hit their 10th year in the industry on Sep. 5, 2019. But what should have been a joyous occasion for their fans was painted with a bit of sadness which may not come as a surprise since the group has barely had any activity in the past years.

Originally, f(x) debuted with five members: Amber Liu, Sulli Choi, Victoria Song, Luna, and Krystal Jung. Sulli was the first to depart from the group, leaving in 2015 but remaining with their management company SM Entertainment. As their contracts expired this month, Amber and Luna have chosen not to renew their contract. 

Victoria Song who has been very busy in Chinese entertainment with dramas, movies, variety appearances and music also released a statement to reflect on the end of an era. 

victoria song
Victoria Song looked back at their group’s debut to the time when she first stood on that stage, when she knew that hard work can bear fruit, that luck was very important but that opportunities only come to those who are prepared. She said that this 10th year anniversary is not just the end but also the start of new beginnings as she will appear in a whole new manner. She also said, “I am still me, I will continue to be myself,” as she moves forward. 

The actress-singer thanked SM for the decade she has been under their care and expressed how grateful she is to her friends and family who loved and supported her. She ended her post with a promise to be better in the future and asked her fans a question, “So, are you willing to go with me to the next 10 years?”

victoria song fx

victoria song
I can’t even begin to imagine how fans are feeling right now since it hasn’t even been a full week since Amber left, then the subsequent announcements happened. At this point, only Krystal has time remaining on her contract and I, together with her fans, am wondering what her next move will be. 

SM is reportedly still negotiating with Victoria Song about having further collaborations. While you may expect that fans will be delighted, many are actually outraged because they think that SM only wants Victoria to stay because she has a steady fanbase in China so the company is only interested in milking her. 

It doesn’t seem like they’re going to make any formal announcement about f(x) disbanding but these ladies definitely deserved so much more. I just hope that each of them will take the best path in their careers.
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