Upcoming Chinese and Korean Dramas September 2019

Upcoming Chinese and Korean Dramas September 2019
To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the PRC, historical dramas and idol dramas deemed to have too much entertainment value cannot be broadcasted. NRTA has also released 86 dramas recommended for TV broadcast during the 100-day period.

you are my answer cop romance drama
You Are My Answer (Sep 9 Hunan TV, Mango TV, Youku
A story that follows the romantic entanglements between the experienced head of the major crimes division and a young quirky screenwriter. Starring Guo Xiaodong and Wu Jinyan. 

Flying Tiger 2 (Sep 6 Youku) 
In order to solve a major case, the police puts together the A-Team to conduct secret missions and combat crime. Starring Michael Miu, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng and Kenneth Ma. 

skate our souls guo zifan
Project S: Skate Our Souls (Sep 10 Tencent, Mango TV)
Through skateboarding, a young man suffering from depression overcomes his fears and finds the warmth of friendship. Starring Guo Zifan, Ancy Deng, Emn Chen and Yi Ran. 

kiss, love and taste lu yi amber kuo
Kiss, Love and Taste (Sep 10 Jiangsu TV, iQIYI, Tencent)
A story revolving around two people who work hard for their craft to succeed in bringing Chinese cuisine to the world. Starring Lu Yi, Amber Kuo and Aaron Yan. 

Airborne Blade (Sep 15 Jiangsu TV, iQIYI, Tencent)
With actual combat as their training ground, a team of paratroopers push hard to level up their fighting abilities and complete different missions. Starring Jia Nailiang. 

Ten Years Late (Sep 19 iQIYI, Tencent)
A story about six young individuals with different backgrounds and different outlooks who work hard to build a life for themselves in the big city. Starring Shawn Dou, Gulnezer Bextiyar, Jeremy Jones Xu, and Cecilia Boey. 

Vagabond (Sep 20 SBS)
A stunt double who aspires to be an action star joins hands with a NIS agent to unearth a chilling conspiracy behind a plane crash. Starring Lee Seung Gi and Suzy Bae. 
on the road business drama
On the Road (Sep 22 Zhejiang TV, Dragon TV, Youku)
Yao Yuan is a man who fought many setbacks to achieve a breakthrough in the field of online express delivery. This story revolves around 20 years of ups and downs in his life.. Starring Liu Ye and Ma Yili. 

The Eyas (Sep 23 iQIYI, Tencent)
Aspiring musical genius accidentally enrolls in an air force recruitment program that launches him on a whole new path through life and across the skies. Starring Yan Yikuan and Fan Shiqi. 

zhu zhiling project s spike China
Project S: Spike (Sep 24 Tencent, Mango TV)
A story about underdogs follows a volleyball team who loses an ace player to another team and a captain who has trouble keeping the new replacement in line. Starring Zhu Zhiling and Xu Mengjie. 

Lucky’s First Love (Sep 25 iQIYI)
A story about first love and romances from the perspective of three couples in the workplace. It follows an independent young woman brimming with potential who crosses paths with a black-bellied boss. Starring Xing Zhaolin and Bai Lu. 

Melting Me Softly (Sep 28 tvN)
A successful PD and a part-timer in desperate need of cash participate in a variety program that requires them to be cryogenically frozen for 24 hours. Things go wrong and they wake up 20 years later to realize that they not only have to deal with the side effects of being frozen but also personal problems that have caught up to them. Starring Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah. 

The Tale of Nokdu (Sep 30 KBS2)
Set in the Joseon era, the story follows a man who crossdresses as a woman and enters a village full of women in order to investigate the assassins after his family. He then meets an unwilling gisaeng trainee. Starring Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun.

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