Upcoming Chinese and Korean Dramas October 2019

Upcoming Chinese and Korean Dramas October 2019
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standing in the time
Standing in the Time (Oct 2 iQIYI, Tencent
A story that follows Lin Xia’s journey to establishing a career in the world of publishing and how she finds love at the same time. Starring An Yuexi and Xing Zhaolin. 

Extra-ordinary You (Oct 2 MBC)
A story that follows a student from a wealthy family who has an unrequited crush on her fiancee. She discovers that she is a mere extra in a book that’s meant to be written off. One day, she meets another student who makes her heart flutter. Starring Kim Hye Yoon, Rowoon and Lee Jae Wook.

Your Secret (Oct 4 Youku) 
Two forensic scientists with an unexpected connection partner up to solve murder cases. Layer by layer, they shed light on the truth as they speak for the dead and punish the guilty. Starring Bosco Wong, Ye Qing and Qu Gaowei. 

my girlfriend
My Girlfriend (Oct 8 Youku)
When Ding Xiaorou turned 17, a misunderstanding results in Xiaorou believing that she will never find happiness. Yet she crosses paths with Chi Xin, thus starting a quirky romance. Starring Timmy Xu and Qiao Xin. 

A princess and a prince who can’t see eye to eye find themselves stuck in an arranged marriage. Yet they start opening up to each other because of hypnosis. Starring Alen Fang and Ling Meishi. 

The Gravity of a Rainbow (Oct 16 Tencent)
A story about three modern day women who make different decisions, how it affects them in the workplace and changes their friendship and how they find love. Starring Godfrey Gao and Xuan Lu. 

love is fate
Love is Fate (Oct 16 Mango TV)
A hotel heiress returns to home to succeed her family business but experiences many obstacles. This is a story about the princess who meets a rascal as she tries to unravel a mystery and finds love along the way. Starring Zhang Binbin and Zheng He Hui Zi. 

No Secrets (Oct 17 Tencent)
A story about a young man who can read people’s minds and a worthless lawyer who come to protect each other. Starring Qi Wei, Jin Han, Sunny Wang and Maggie Huang. 

My Robot Boyfriend (Oct 21 Zhejiang TV, Tencent)
A story revolving around a medical student who gets into an accident and receives mechanical enhancements implanted by his own father. It follows a man who is half-human and half-robot and his encounters when it comes to romance, family and friendship. Starring Jiang Chao and Mao Xiaotong. 

hot-blooded youth
Hot-Blooded Youth (Oct 22 iQIYI)
A legendary story about a young man who overcomes many hardships to become a formidable force in the Shanghai bund. Starring Huang Zitao and Zhang Xueying.

Awakening of Insects (Oct 22 Hunan TV, Tencent, iQIYI)
In 1941 Shanghai, a man captures the attention of the Japanese due to his resemblance to a BIS spy and gets pulled into the center of anti-occupation efforts. Starring Zhang Ruoyun and Wang Ou.  

a little thing called first love couple
A Little Thing Called First Love (Oct 23 Hunan TV, Mango TV)
A coming-of-age story about youth and first love follows Liang Younian and Xia Miaomiao who help each other become the best person that they can be. Starring Lai Kuanlin and Zhao Jinmai. 

Unknown Number (Oct 23 Tencent)
A story that follows a once rookie detective who takes a criminal profiler under her wings. Meanwhile, the young profiler gets an unexpected phone call from the year 1998. Starring Li Xiaoran, Du Chun and Wang Tianchen. 

Begonia Rouge (Oct 24 Mango TV)
Set in the world of rouge making during the Republican era, the story follows the romantic entanglements between the second young master of Lang Manor and the mysterious Gu Haitang. Starring Deng Lun and Li Yitong. 

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