The Untamed Star Zheng Fanxing’s Birthday Cake Fail

The Untamed Star Zheng Fanxing’s Birthday Cake Fail
Lan Sizhui
There’s a reason that Lan Sizhui’s my favorite character out of the kiddies in The Untamed. He’s just so lovable, same as the actor playing him who also deserves a lot of love, especially today!

Zheng Fanxing The Untamed
Zheng Fanxing just turned 21 this Sep 5 and had the most epic birthday fail. While doing a livestream for his fans and attempting to show them a better view of his birthday cake, Zheng Fanxing’s chair completely tipped over so that both the actor and his cake landed on the floor. Actually, most of the cake seems to have landed on his face. 
zheng fanxing birthday september 5, 2019
The rest of the livestream is basically Zheng Fanxing laughing at himself as he puts his cap back on, gets in front of the camera to laugh some more. He thanked viewers for spending a particularly happy birthday with him, asked himself, “how’d this happen!?” before adorably saying goodbye and signing off.

zheng fanxing birthday fail
Learnings that he shared was to never to sit on that chair again and that only his glasses know whether the cake was good or not. 

zheng fanxing birthday fail

zheng fanxing birthday fail
I think the general rule of thumb is that it’s okay to laugh as long as no one’s physically hurt, right? Because I do feel bad for him, yet I cannot stop watching this. It’s hilarious! 

Happy birthday Zheng Fanxing!

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