TFBoy’s Karry Wang Gets All Choked Up Talking About His Dad’s Sacrifices

TFBoy’s Karry Wang Gets All Choked Up Talking About His Dad’s Sacrifices
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Someone hand me a box of tissues because I’m getting a wee bit teary eyed over here watching Karry Wang Junkai get all choked up talking about the sacrifices his dad made for their family. For sure a celebrity helping out his parents after making it big in the industry isn’t something new. But stories like this never fail to pull the heartstrings (hence the tears), because really, where would we be without our parents eh? 

In a recent episode of “Fashion Master”, Wang Junkai gets chatting with the show’s host, Vogue China editor-in-chief Angelica Cheung, about his parents who he says he doesn’t see as often as he wants to with them living in Chongqing and him working in Beijing. He reveals that when he was younger, his dad used to work night shifts driving cabs and oft times father and son rarely meet because their schedules were at odds with each other. You see, Mr. Wang’s work day begins at four in the afternoon and he often returns home at two or three in the morning when Karry is already asleep; while he on the other hand had to leave for school early in the morning when his dad was still abed and returns home when his dad has already left for work! Because his father worked late nights, his health wasn’t always very good. 

karry wang junkai
That’s why, Karry said that when his ability to economically support his family changed for the better, he decided not to let his dad drive cabs anymore. Karry adds that seeing his dad’s hair slowly turning white makes him feel that his dad is getting older, that why he wants him to finally enjoy his time with his mom and relax. 

Karry Wang Junkai first made his debut as a member of TFBoyssix years ago with fellow members Jackson Yee and Roy Wang. Since then, the three quickly shot to superstardom and has become one of China’s richest young idols. Thanks to the group’s success, Karry’s dad can finally let his hair down and retire from driving cabs.

As if fans need another reason to love the young idol, this revelation of a softer side to Karry Wang Junkai will certainly make him even more attractive in the eyes of his fans.

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