My Girlfriend (2019)

My Girlfriend (2019)
my girlfriend
It’s hard to find true love…  Some people are a bit luckier, while others—well…not so much. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Wei Xiaobao 喂小饱, the 24-episode My Girlfriend 我不能恋爱的女朋友 puts this question face-to-face with a heroine who is not so lucky in love. 

Bridgette Qiao Xin (In Youth) is Ding Xiaorou. Based on the novel, she is a young woman who out of sheer bad luck, is cursed by a pregnant woman to never find true love again. Her succeeding relationships fail one after another, with her exes finding long-lasting partners as soon as they break up. A likely premonition proving the curse to be true, Ding Xiaorou starts to lose hope in finding that one and only…until she meets Chi Xin.

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Who better to play the actor that changes her fate than the swoon-worthy actor Timmy Xu Weizhou (The Evolution of Our Love)? This pair looks promising already. Like any Chinese drama, the story won’t be complete without the side couples played by Wang Jianing, UNIQ’s Zhou Yixuan, Wang Liang and Zhang Muchen. 
The trailer opens with an upbeat version of The Carpenters’ “Close to You” paired with a Christmas-y setting that really set the feels for a fairytale rom-com. It seems to me that given the circumstances, funny things are bound to happen. But of course, with at least 30 heartbreaks for Ding Xiaorou, there must be a fair share of cries too.

Release date: October 8, 2019 Youku

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my girlfriend youku web series
my girlfriend youku web series
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