Military Dramas Airborne Blade and The Eyas Showcase Chinese Aviation

Military Dramas Airborne Blade and The Eyas Showcase Chinese Aviation
Chinese military dramas
As China approaches its 70th anniversary on Oct. 1, there’s been an outpour of dramas being aired as part of their initiative to release shows that lift up national pride. So I guess the fact that there are more military dramas doesn’t really come as a surprise. In addition to Chen Xiao’s The King of Land Battle are two dramas showcasing the air force. 

Chinese military drama
airborne blade jia nailiang

airborne blade

airborne blade Li Chun

airborne blade Zhang He
Airborne Blade 空降利刃 is a 35-episode drama follows the lives of a team of paratroopers who are committed to making a Chinese air force that’s globally competitive. It stars Jia Nailiang, Xia Jiadong, Li Chun and Ryan Zhang He

Release Date: September 15, 2019 Jiangsu TV, iQIYI, Tencent

The Eyas aviation drama
Armed with a fascinating title, The Eyas 飞行少年 is a 36-episode drama that revolves around a group of youth and their intensive training in aviation school. Having a title that literally means a young falcon that hasn’t learned to fly yet is very fitting, don’t ya think? It stars Kevin Yan Yikuan, Kris Fan Shiqi, Sun Yi, Li Mozhi and Yang Shize.  

Release Date: September 23, 2019 iQIYI, Tencent

The Eyas aviation drama Yan Yikuan

The Eyas aviation drama Kris Fan Shiqi
These may not be the mainstream offerings most of us are used to but in all seriousness, I actually appreciate stories like this that highlight the efforts of military men as I’ve always admired men in uniform for the huge sacrifices they do for their country. 

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