Li Xian Airs Grievances Against Sisheng Fans

Li Xian Airs Grievances Against Sisheng Fans
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Stories about overzealous fans crossing the line for their perceived idols seem to keep coming despite the repeated call for ‘fans’ to chase after their idols reasonably (理智追星). What is known in Korea as sasaeng fan is known in China as sisheng fan (私生饭). 

Just the other day, Timmy Xu’s studio released a statement condemning this unhealthy idol culture after the actor’s stay at the hotel was disturbed by his so-called fans on Mid-Autumn Festival. Since Li Xian’s skyrocketing fame from Go Go Squid, the actor has also faced similar circumstances. When he participated at a magazine photoshoot not long ago and had to avoid being seen by fans to conceal his outfit for the shoot, a sisheng who tried but failed to get shots of him as he was on the way to the bathroom loudly scolded the actor. 
It seems that Li Xian’s troubles have continued to the point that he could no longer stay silent. On Sep. 14, he took to Weibo to say, “Was being followed when I left for the gym today. Up until I finished my workout and went home, I was still being filmed. In addition to the things that happened recently, I feel that it is time to speak up: As an actor, I hope that I can have more time to immerse myself in the community and to observe the world. But now, my phone number and Wechat have been leaked, I’m followed from the moment I leave my house, private filming schedules are being leaked and sold, I’m being mobbed, secretly filmed, followed by car and by plane, intercepted at the hotel entrance with people staying next door to my hotel room and even when I refuse to show my face, I’d be insulted and scolded. 

I can’t help but say that the above has brought me great troubles and burdens. My fans and I do not encourage any action that will cause harm to public safety, thank you for everyone’s attention and acknowledgement, I will work hard to reciprocate everyone’s love with better characters and projects, looking forward for us to happily meet in more safe, public events.” 
It is not the first time that Li Xian has opened up about the topic. In a previous interview, he admitted that the sisheng situation has affected his private life as he would get phone calls at wee hours of the night and would be followed at public places. He admits that through his actions and words, through the media and his weibo, he only hopes to be able to influence people one by one. 
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