Li Hongyi and Kira Shi Shi to Headline the Upcoming Drama Parallel Love

Li Hongyi and Kira Shi Shi to Headline the Upcoming Drama Parallel Love
parallel love
What happens when you pair a doted leading man to a villainess? Hmm, I guess we will find out soon because Li Hongyi and Kira Shi Shi are confirmed to star in a drama together! 

The suspense romance series Parallel Love 时间倒数遇见你 has Li Hongyi playing Jiao Yang. Because he is the son of the CEO, other big shots in the company fail to see his potential nor acknowledge his capabilities. Enter the the detestable antagonist in The Story of Minglan. Kira Shi Shi plays the leading lady Lin Miao. Her role is to help Jiao Yang get familiar with his position within a deadline of three months. And maybe show everyone that there’s more to him than just being the owner’s son. 
parallel love
Like most romantic stories, the two leads are like cats and dogs at first but will eventually learn to work together especially as they are pulled into a corporate conspiracy. 

I find the casting quite suitable since Lin Miao in the story is 8 years older than Jiao Yang and I don’t know if it’s by coincidence or intended but Kira Shi Shi is exactly 8 years older than Li Hongyi! 

parallel love
I wonder how netizens will receive this tandem since Li Hongyi’s couple pairing with Zhao Lusi has received a lot of love. But I do hope they give Kira Shi Shi a chance because I loved her in Cold Case and find her to be a good actress whether she’s playing the good guy or the bad guy. Let’s reserve our judgement after we see how their tandem plays out, shall we?

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