IG Troubles: Shen Yue Loses Her Account to an Imposter, Yang Chaoyue Disables Comments Due to Fanwar

IG Troubles: Shen Yue Loses Her Account to an Imposter, Yang Chaoyue Disables Comments Due to Fanwar
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Instagram is no doubt a happy place for fans because it’s where they can get real life updates from their favorite celebrities and even talk to them sometimes! For Chinese stars, it’s another medium to reach out to their international fanbase. Yet young stars Shen Yue and Yang Chaoyue who both have accounts on Instagram have run into some trouble with their IG accounts.

shen yue
It can be remembered that Shen Yue opened an Instagram account with the username @shenyueyeah in September of last year and that it is her one and only official account on IG. 

shen yue loses instagram account
However, her work studio made an announcement last month that Shen Yue has lost access to her IG. In fact, the page has been disabled. While Shen Yue tries to regain access, her studio warns that any content posted about Shen Yue on Instagram won’t be from the actress herself. 

Furthermore, there is a fake account pretending to be Shen Yue with the username @Shenyue97 and what’s more shocking is that the account has been IG verified! Whoa, whoever’s using it sure is a bit creepy and resourceful. As far as i know, for a user to get verified, you have to submit an ID to prove that you are legitimately the individual you’re claiming to be. Shen Yue’s fans are also helping take action and have been calling out to report the issue to IG. 

I hope the actress will regain her access soon, her fans probably miss her!

yang chaoyue
Meanwhile, Rocket Girls member Yang Chaoyue has been trending due to her recent activities on Instagram. The idol-actress edited her profile which now says: “There is no Rocket Girls Yang Chaoyue here, there is only Yang Chaoyue from 2017, so keep your mouth shut, don’t hurt the innocent.” This was followed by a mass deletion of her posts and also the disabling of the comments section. 

meng meiqi
Many speculate that this was her response after getting bashed due to the fan war between her fans and fans of fellow Rocket Girls member Meng Meiqi.
rocket girls photo
In an attempt to probably diffuse the escalating quarrel, Rocket Girls official posted a Weibo update with a picture of all their members and a beautiful caption about friendship, about leaning on each other and facing problems together. But it doesn’t seem like it worked as it triggered more hurtful words to be hurled on both sides. 
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