Dilraba’s Cousin Plans to Enter Showbiz Through Her Own Merit

Dilraba’s Cousin Plans to Enter Showbiz Through Her Own Merit
dilraba younger cousin
Dilraba Dilmurat is arguably one of the most beautiful Chinese actresses of her generation.  She has many projects, variety appearances and endorsement deals. Her exotic looks are a product of her being part of the Uyghur ethnic group in China and clearly, the good looks run in the family. 

dilraba younger cousin
Dilraba’s younger cousin Subi (苏比) recently drew attention after joining a school beauty contest. Subi is currently a trainee in Beijing in preparation to enter the entertainment industry but hasn’t officially made her debut. Even though Dilraba is concerned for her cousin and has said that Subi can turn to her whenever she runs into trouble, Subi reveals that they don’t meet often. She doesn’t want to take a shortcut in the industry and hopes to rely on her hard work as she follows in Dilraba’s footsteps.

dilraba younger cousin
When asked about her recent trending on Weibo, Subi said that she won’t disappoint the people who have chosen to support her.  She also reveals that she and Dilraba have a good relationship.  Dilraba has given Subi advice about showbiz and reminded her to remember the things she should listen to and the things she shouldn’t, as well as things she should do and things she shouldn’t do.
One thing is for certain.  When Subi does make her acting debut, Dilraba will be there to support her.  They are family, after all.

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