Dilraba Dilmurat Looks Forward to Finding Love

Dilraba Dilmurat Looks Forward to Finding Love
dilraba dilmurat
Finding love can be hard for anyone, even celebrities. Or should I say, especially celebrities. For us non-showbiz folks, it’s easy to assume that they’re living a cushy life where getting anything and anyone you want is as easy as snapping your fingers thanks to the status fame brings. But it can easily be the opposite, since potential partners can be scared off because they’re intimidated by the star’s good looks or fame, or perhaps thinking that celebs are “way out of their league”. 

dilraba dilmurat
But celebrities are ordinary people too with hopes and dreams just like the rest of us. In an episode of Send A Hundred Ladies Home(lit.) 送一百位女孩回on Sohugirl of the moment Dilraba Dilmurat opens up about wanting to find love.

Judging from her rather vehement affirmation to the question whether she’ll get married or not in the future, it sure looks like the 27-year-old actress is ready to fall in love. And it’s quite clear that she’s also already thought about marriage when she said that she’ll very definitely get married and have kids – three kids, one boy and two girls to be exact. The actress goes on to add that the idea of having kids after thirty is already quite conservative as it is! As to whether she’s concerned she’ll be disappointing fans when she finally pulls herself out of the (marriage) market so to speak, the actress has this to say: “I also want to live my own life. I can’t not live it the way I want to – not get married, not fall in love and not have kids, just because some fans will be disappointed.” Indeed, true fans of the actress will feel nothing but happiness for their idol when she finally finds contentment.

dilraba dilmurat

dilraba dilmurat
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