Actor Playing Jin Ling in The Untamed Apologizes for Recent Scandal

Actor Playing Jin Ling in The Untamed Apologizes for Recent Scandal
Qi Peixin The Untamed
Oh dear, rookie actor Qi Peixin who just turned 22 last May should have a long road ahead of him as he is only at the start of his career. Although he was a supporting character in the hit drama The Untamed, Qi Peixin gave an endearing performance as Jin Ling who was among the younger characters in the series. 

Qi Peixin Jin Ling and Fairy
However, it seems that the young actor’s name has been dragged to the mud in recent days due to revelations that allegedly came from his ex-girlfriend. Accusations were thrown saying that he’s a cheater, that he was psychologically abusing his ex and that he refused to take responsibility after getting her pregnant and wanted her to have an abortion. Screenshots of conversations, photos and a video was also shared on Weibo though the account has already been changed to another name and the details can no longer be found. 
Qi Peixin apology
While Qi Peixin doesn’t directly address the rumors, he does confirm his past relationship through a public apology posted on Sept 1. He wrote, “Because of me, both sides have been hurt in this relationship. I would like to offer my sincerest apologies! I will sort out everything, take responsibility and reflect on my actions. As things have progressed, our past experiences have been overly misconstrued, both sides wish that everything can stop here. Pleading with everyone to refrain from disrupting her life, stop the endless guessing and lessen the unnecessary damage. Here, I would like to offer my deepest apologies to my fans who have supported me: I’m sorry! Very sorry to have failed to live up to your love and expectations. I will work hard to grow in the future and become a better me.”

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