Zhao Liying’s First Public Appearance After Long Absence

Zhao Liying’s First Public Appearance After Long Absence
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Zanilia Zhao Liying has been in hibernation since last year as the actress took a much needed break from showbiz which incidentally paved the way for her to get married and welcome her first son as of March this year. The Story of Minglan, which is her drama with hubby Feng Shaofeng, was the last drama fans saw her in and since it ended, there has been hardly any news about her. With their child now more than 4 months old, it looks like Zhao Liying is ready to get back to work, her batteries fully recharged.  

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Zhao Liying attended an event on August 22 for Honor smartphone in Beijing wearing a long white Reem Acra dress. This is her first public appearance after her hiatus and I daresay, she looks stunning and not at all like someone who just had a child.  
zhao liying after pregnancy
Interestingly, there’s a rumor going around that Zhao Liying’s next project will have her starring opposite Li Xian from Go Go Squid!  While it is tempting to believe this, I’ll be the first to say that some rumors are so out there that it could have just been pulled out of a hat. I wouldn’t believe this until there’s anything more concrete, but it is fun to speculate. Needless to say, many are waiting to see her again. For fans who counted, it’s been more than 400 days! 

zhao liying after pregnancy

zhao liying after pregnancy

zhao liying after pregnancy
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