Zhang Yixing’s Upcoming Concert in Hong Kong Has Been Cancelled

Zhang Yixing’s Upcoming Concert in Hong Kong Has Been Cancelled
Having completed four stops of his first solo concert ‘Grand Line’ in Shanghai, Chongqing, Nanjing and Beijing, Lay Zhang Yixing was set to make another stop in Hong Kong. With the Aug 17 concert less than a week away and escalating protests in Hong Kong that has shut down its airport, Zhang Yixing Studio has made an announcement. 

They write, “It is with great regret that we announce the cancellation of the Hong Kong concert. Mr. Zhang Yixing has always liked the city of Hong Kong and has received the love and support of many fans from Hong Kong. To repay new and old fans, we had hoped to provide an opportunity for fans from Hong Kong, its neighboring cities and internationally to enjoy the music and an exciting performance. 

However, the recent events in Hong Kong are things no one wishes for. Before deciding on this cancellation, Mr. Zhang Yixing, his team and the organizers tried every option to ensure the safety of the concertgoers which include increasing security, providing free roundtrip bus transports to fans, insurance and other options. However, there is no way to fully guarantee the traffic condition and the safety of fans. As such, we have decided after much deliberation that there is no choice but to cancel the Hong Kong concert that was scheduled for August 17. 

Mr. Zhang Yixing hopes that he can perform for everyone in the near future. For ticket refund details, please follow @DaoistMagicMedia.”
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