Xie Na Shoots Down Husband’s Affair Rumors Through Photo With Zhang Bichen

Xie Na Shoots Down Husband’s Affair Rumors Through Photo With Zhang Bichen
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Being talked about is one of the many things that you need to accept if you’re a celebrity.  While some rumors can just be ignored, some require celebrities to openly make their feelings known.  This time, the couple in question are Chinese singer Jason Zhang Jie and his wife TV host Xie Na. The two have been married since 2011 and became proud parents to a pair of twins last year.  

However, Zhang Jie was caught in recent rumors about an alleged affair with fellow singer Zhang Bichen. It was not the first time that such rumors have spread about the two. This time around, the rumors claim that Xie Na caught her husband cheating and has asked for a divorce. 

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Zhang Bichen Studio has released a statement on behalf of the actress to deny the allegations. They have also threatened to resort to legal countermeasures if the rumors persist.  

Xie Na, on the other hand uploaded a photo of her and Zhang Bichen holding out their hands in the shape of a gun together with the words, “This is for the rumor.”  Quite a way to make a statement, don’t you think? In fact, Zhang Jie recently held his concert that had a star-studded turnout. Among the attendees were his wife, Zhang Bichen and many more of the couple’s celebrity friends.  
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Xie Na shares that she first watched Zhang Jie’s concert back in 2008 when she was still just his girlfriend. It’s been eleven years! She enjoyed watching his efforts to become better and to do what he loves. As his fan, she is really happy.

A lot of netizens have supported Xie Na and urged her to keep up the fight against disinformation against her and Zhang Jie.  Personally, I hate the maliciousness of it. Xie Na and Zhang Jie are clearly a loving couple and for someone to try and defame them and involve Zhang Bichen in is just downright wrong.
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