Xiao Zhan Makes a Dash for the Elevator to Avoid Obsessive Fans

Xiao Zhan Makes a Dash for the Elevator to Avoid Obsessive Fans
Fame often comes with a price and just recently, The Untamed star Xiao Zhan faced a problem of his own: he encountered some sasaeng fans or as known in China, sisheng fan (私生饭). For those of you who may not know, it’s a term for fans who are, well, overzealous when it comes to their idols to the point that they end up harassing them or invading their private lives. 

It seems to be something that Xiao Zhan has to deal with now that he’s filming his new drama The Oath of Love as he has regular brushes with them on the way back to his hotel. Previously, he was shown stuck at the revolving door because fans were crowding the entrance, so it took time before he was able to get in. 

This time around, another video shows that as soon as Xiao Zhan stepped out of the vehicle, fans surrounded him immediately. One of them even managed to stick her camera right in the actor’s face, which is probably why Xiao Zhan opted to run to the elevator so he can escape from the craziness of the situation. Gah. I get that everyone is excited to see their favorite celebrity up close but jeez, at least give the guy some breathing space. 

I’m a huge fan myself of different idols, but I won’t risk getting a restraining order just to get close to them. Come on people, let’s give them some privacy! 

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