Wang Yibo Still Single, His Agency Denies Dating Rumors for the Third Time

Wang Yibo Still Single, His Agency Denies Dating Rumors for the Third Time
With Wang Yibo’s rise in popularity, it seems that his love life is yet another aspect that seems to be drawing public attention. Since August of last year, there were already rumors that Wang Yibo was pursuing socialite Qi Meihe, which his company Yue Hua Entertainment denied twice, putting an end to that rumor.  Or has it?

It seems that the issue has been given new life. Apparently, some netizen had “evidence” that the two are dating. Somebody who claimed to be on the same plane as Wang Yibo took a video of someone in his seat, using the Wechat app on his phone and chatting with a woman. The individuals in the very blurry shot are implied to be Wang Yibo and Qi Meihe. Other netizens argue that it’s just two random people. More evidence came in the form of Wang Yibo and Qi Meihe sporting similar flower accessories and a photo of the two allegedly shopping in Zhuhai.  

Yue Hua Entertainment has responded to the rumor, saying that Wang Yibo is indeed single and focused on his career.  They also asked people to stop spreading rumors and misleading statements about Wang Yibo as they have repeatedly denied it. 

While I think all of this coincidental “evidences” are indeed false, some people might be tempted to believe them.  But as of right now, fangirls can rejoice and rest easy knowing that their idol is still very much single.  

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