Thai Actor Push Gets Mistaken for Wang Yibo

Thai Actor Push Gets Mistaken for Wang Yibo
push mistaken for wang yibo
I once read that in this world with millions of people, there are at least seven who look exactly just like you. And I guess Thai actor Puttichai Kasetsin, or more commonly known as Push, found one of his doppelgangers in the form of Chinese actor-singer, Wang Yibo

push wang yibo look alike?
The Thai actor had a brush with a fan who took a picture of him under the impression that he is The Untamed star, Wang Yibo. Push then shared the incident on his social media account saying: “Thank you for asking to take a photo with me, but I am not Wang Yibo… I am Thai actor Push.” Comments quickly came from fans who found the story entertaining. When asked how he feels about it, Push responded: ” Of course I’m very happy! Wang Yibo is very handsome and very popular in Thailand, heard he’s coming to Bangkok for a fanmeeting, hope there’s a chance to see this didi (means younger bro)”. 

Push mistaken for Wang Yibo
Aww, I like the positivity from what could’ve been an awkward encounter. Of course, a funny anecdote like this about two equally charming actors is bound to become trending on Weibo. Push saw it received much attention online and took a moment to post on his social media account that he’s honored and happy to have been part of the trending topics on Weibo. 
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