Reyizha Reveals Suffering from Severe Depression and Seeks to Help Others

Reyizha Reveals Suffering from Severe Depression and Seeks to Help Others
reyizha depression
Depression affects people from all walks of life, regardless of age, race, sex and financial status.  It has been called a silent killer and rightfully so, considering that it has pushed several famous celebrities to end their own lives.  Suffice to say, depression is not to be taken lightly.  The Longest Day in Chang’an star Reyizha recently revealed that she suffers from severe depression and anxiety.  Fortunately though, she says that she has already passed the most difficult time.

She put the question out to readers as to why she is an interesting person and answers it by saying it’s because she has died many times, figuratively speaking.  With the worst behind her, she now has a renewed appreciation for life and tells us that we should live life to the fullest, that life is an adventure waiting to happen. With some commenting whether she’s drunk, she says that drinking allows people say the truth. She later admits that she’s still on medication but wants to help people who also suffer from depression like she does.  

reyizha depression
It was not too long ago when Reyizha received mixed reactions for her airport look, which she responded to as well. I have to give props to Reyizha for being so honest about facing her inner demons and wanting to help other people overcome theirs. 

It seems that her revelation has resonated with many who have sent her many private messages which she says she will respond to slowly. However, she wanted to give a general response, “First and foremost, if you find anything wrong then go to a doctor at once, trust the doctor. Actually, the side effects from medicine is not as great as the effects from alcohol, so don’t refuse to take it or stop medication, trust your doctor. Don’t confine yourself to being alone, choose to interact with family or friends and stay away from negative things or people. You can try writing a diary, I discovered that it was very helpful to let out thoughts and emotions in the moment. You can watch some good shows, I recommend the show Yuan Zhuo Pai 圆桌派. If you have the urge to move then you can exercise, walk more. Lastly, don’t be so hard on yourself, rest if you don’t want to do move, don’t talk if you don’t want to, try and make peace with yourself, try and set lower standards, try and love yourself. Slowly, I am better now than I was before, you can be too.”

Sometimes, the best thing to fight depression is knowing that someone out there is willing to stay and talk without judging you.  Here’s to hoping that Reyizha continues to find the strength to move forward, regardless of whatever life throws at her. 
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