Qiao Xin’s Answer To Claims That She’s Extremely Wealthy

Qiao Xin’s Answer To Claims That She’s Extremely Wealthy
Bridgette Qiao Xin
Not too long ago, the internet broke with rumors that Qiao Xin who hails from Shanghai is basically what people call baifumei (白富美). It means fair complexion, rich and beautiful which also implies being born into a very rich family.  

Qiao Xin’s family allegedly owns a 300 million yuan house that’s so big you could land a helicopter and park 200 cars. There were also rumors that her parents helped her land a leading role by paying for it. In the talk show Hua Hua Wan Wu 花花万物, Qiao Xin finally addresses the speculations by saying she wouldn’t consider herself baifumei. Her parents do not have a company abroad as many thought. She describes her family as well-to-do, but far from the claims that they are extremely wealthy.  She also explains that her family doesn’t have any connection to the entertainment industry so it would be somewhat difficult or nigh impossible for them to help her land a role.  

Despite her explanation, however, netizens still believe that Qiao Xin is indeed a baifumei with some saying that if she’s middle class, then where does that make the rest of us. Some thought that her admission to having cosmetic surgery done was proof enough that Qiao Xin had money to go around.  Personally, I really don’t think it matters much if Qiao Xin is rich or not.  What’s more important is goodness of character and of course, her acting chops, which I believe, she has.

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