Ouyang Nana Treats Roy Wang As A Brother

Ouyang Nana Treats Roy Wang As A Brother
Roy Wang Yuan Ouyang Nana
Are Ouyang Nana and TFBOYS member Roy Wang Yuan dating? Being good friends who are both born in 2000 and have achieved fame and fortune at a young age, the two have often been linked to each other. Netizens have resorted to the usual ‘detective work’ of digging up past photos of the two wearing matching necklaces.  Some have also speculated that the lyrics of Roy Wang’s two songs, “Rainbow Clouds” and “The Girl” were about Ouyang Nana.  

the great lord ouyang nana Roy Wang Yuan
When Ouyang Nana was asked on a livestream about her relationship with the younger Roy Wang, she answered the question head on. For Ouyang Nana, Roy is like a brother.  They are just like siblings, in the purest sense of the word.  She further adds that since they both spent 4 months working together in The Great Lord 大主宰 and another 2 months on Ace vs Ace 王牌對王牌, they have formed a brotherly bond.
Roy Wang is expected to study in the Berklee College of Music after gaining admission early this year. It is the same school that Ouyang Nana currently attends.  I have a feeling that this rumor will take a while to die down, despite Ouyang Nana’s clarifications.

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