My Little Princess Stars Zhang Yuxi and Kenji Chen Confirm Breakup

My Little Princess Stars Zhang Yuxi and Kenji Chen Confirm Breakup
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A lot of you guys probably remember Zhang Yuxi and Kenji Chen Bairong who starred together in the 2016 drama My Little Princess where Zhang Yuxi was the female lead Lin Xinchen and Kenji Chen played the second lead male Zheng Chuyao.  They officially became a couple in the eyes of the public in February of 2017 and fans of the series were elated to see them end up together.  

On August 19, it was rumored that Zhang Yuxi and Kenji Chen have chosen to go their separate ways after their 2 year romance.  Some media outlets have sought confirmation from Zhang Yuxi but got no answers, which further fueled speculations about the break up.  Shortly after, Zhang Yuxi posted an online message that says, “It’s a beautiful thing that I have been so lucky.  I was given the chance to be happy.  The journey is more precious to me than the ending.  Goodbye.  I hope that we’ll both be successful in the future.” 

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Later that evening, Kenji also posted, “Thank you for giving me so many sweet moments. Journeying through so many stops together, when your companion gets off the car, it turns into gratitude, even if it’s very difficult, hope that we can be better and better. Goodbye Xigongju, take care of yourself while filming, don’t push yourself too hard and hurt yourself. 
While netizens were saddened by the news of such a perfect couple breaking up, most hoped that both Zhang Yuxi and Kenji Chen can find their happiness in the future.  With break ups like these, it just shows that some things just aren’t meant to be.  

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