Kris Wu’s Private Conversation Leaked Online, Alleged Girlfriend Draws Ire

Kris Wu’s Private Conversation Leaked Online, Alleged Girlfriend Draws Ire
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Kris Wu has been trending all day after news broke that he is reportedly dating a Beijing Film Academy student named Luna. Kris has not made any comment about it, yet netizens generally seemed supportive if the actor-singer were indeed confirmed to be dating.

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However, a leaked video on the same evening seems to have changed public sentiment. In the video, a girl (presumed to be Luna) is holding her phone and video chatting with Kris Wu. Kris can be heard asking if she’s turning on the video. She responds, “I don’t look so good today.” Kris reveals that he’s going onstage soon and she says, “Drink lots of hot water.” She explains that she doesn’t look good today and apologizes again for not turning on the video. He asks if she’ll be responding to his messages later. She explains that she’s watching dramas. When he complains about it, she says, “Why are you being so mean? Aren’t you going onstage soon” Kris laughs and brings up that she has to respond. She says, “I’ll try, I’ll try.” She tells him to go onstage and they say bye to each other.

Separately, an audio presumably of both has also leaked online where he tells her to get in when she sees his car and sees him. She says, “Oh my god! I’m about to cry.” With the leaked recordings, it’s hard not to make assumptions. Many are feeling bad for Kris Wu and questioning the girl’s motivations and how the video was taken in the first place.  I really don’t know what to make of this though, it seems bad press to be doing all of this on purpose. Update: There are also speculations that the girl in the video is not even Luna but someone else. 

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