Kris Wu Caught in Dating Rumors With A Mystery Woman

Kris Wu Caught in Dating Rumors With A Mystery Woman
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It seems like August is the love month for former EXO members because just a few weeks after Huang Zitao‘s dating news broke out, it’s now Kris Wu‘s turn.

The actor-singer finds himself wrapped in a dating rumor after he allegedly brought a woman home. There’s a video showing Kris Wu’s assistant helping a girl to the car. After some time, a man (presumed to be Kris Wu) wearing a fisherman’s hat and face mask to cover up his face got in the same car. They were seen holding hands in the parking lot as they got out of the car. It can be seen that the man is the one who initiated the hand-holding and the woman is smiling from whatever they were talking about. Ohh, they look cute!

Despite the attempts to be inconspicuous, I guess it wasn’t so successful as the two trended this morning. I gotta say, netizens’ investigative skills rival that of Sherlock Holmes’ because they were able to put a name on the mysterious woman. Apparently, her name is Luna. She’s a student at Beijing Film Academy and a classmate of actor Wu Lei

Looking at the photos of Luna online, I can see what the actor-singer sees in her,  she’s so freaking adorable! But I can already sense that her age is going to be a factor for some who will probably call out the 28-year-old Kris Wu for dating a young woman (born 1998). If they’re both consenting adults, then I don’t really see the problem here. Right now, neither Kris Wu nor his agency have made any comments. 

Well, I think it’s time for Kris to find someone to enjoy his days with so I hope his fans will take the news positively.

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