Kim Soo Hyun Reunites with Previous Castmates in Hotel Del Luna Finale

Kim Soo Hyun Reunites with Previous Castmates in Hotel Del Luna Finale
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Last month saw IU‘s The Producers and Dream High co-star Kim Soo Hyun popping by the Hotel Del Luna set bearing gifts – a java truck for the cast and crew, just a few days after his release from his mandatory service. Well this month, guess who’s dropping by the set again and making it into your television screens? As if the title wasn’t a big giveaway enough, Kim Soo Hyun will indeed be making his official cameo in the drama’s final episode this Saturday. As to what role he’ll be playing – a new hotel owner perhaps – that and the plot has been kept a closely guarded secret for now (word is it’ll be an important one) so you’ll just have to hold it in a little bit longer when all will be revealed in two days time.

Don’t you just love the “friends supporting friends” vibe emanating from this group? Come to think of it, Kim Soo Hyun making an appearance in the drama’s finale might not be such a big leap, because aside from being a talented actor (that’s a given), he has after all, an “in” with the cast and crew. In addition to being great pals with IU, IU’s male co-star Yeo Jin Goo has also worked with him, playing the 15 year old version of Kim Soo Hyun’s Crown Prince Lee Hwon in the drama Moon Embracing The Sun. The actor has also teamed up with Hotel Del Luna director Oh Choong Hwan in the hugely popular drama My Love From A Starwhere he played the otherworldly handsome Do Min Joon. So really, his cameo in Hotel Del Luna is a kind of reunion with some of the people he’s worked with in his career.

Catch him and the drama’s final episode on August 31, 2019.

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