Jackson Yee’s Assistant Warns Fans Against Stalking

Jackson Yee’s Assistant Warns Fans Against Stalking
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TV appearances, glammed up red carpet events, not to mention the fast cars, envious closets and drool worthy vacations; celebrities seem to have it all don’t they? But underneath all the trappings, fame also comes at a heavy price. If you’re a celebrity, you can pretty much kiss your privacy goodbye as much of it is now public property.

We previously reported that The Untamed star Wang Yibo was the victim of fans behaving over zealously after his private number was leaked online. Well, we now have another name to add as The Longest Day in Chang’An star Jackson Yee is the latest one in a long list of idols to have a run in with obsessive fans. According to a post made by his assistant on Weibo yesterday, fan behaviour became a little bit “too much” when they tried to get photos of the star whilst changing clothes through a window – “ A full day of rehearsals is already very tiring, so please don’t block the doors, it’s unbelievable how some of you try to sneak photos from outside the window!… if you don’t leave, we’ll share your face to everyone”.

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Aside from being an actor, Jackson Yee is best known for being a part of TFBoys. He along with members Karry Wang and Roy Wang are currently rehearsing for The Fever: TFBoys’ 6th Anniversary concert to be held on August 10, 2019. It was at the rehearsal venue that fans tried to take the said photos which caused Jackson Yee’s assistant to take to social media to chastise his rabid followers.   Now, this is not the first time the actor-singer ‘s privacy is violated by obsessive fans – Jackson Yee previously revealed that he was also photographed during his downtime celebrating Chinese New Year with his family in his hometown which caused certain fans to break into their house and talk to his grandparents, even entering his room sans permission! Pretty crazy behavior huh?

I know celebrity run-ins with crazy fans are a dime a dozen these days but wow stories like this really take the cake. There’s a thin line between “normal” and excessive fan behaviour that’s bordering on harassment. Sure, fans might say that stars signed up to live their life pretty much in the spotlight when they became celebrities but they still do deserve a modicum of respect during their downtime don’t you think? There’s nothing wrong with admiring your favourite stars but please, let’s be reasonable in our love.

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