How Deng Lun Went Super Extra for Mr. Fighting

How Deng Lun Went Super Extra for Mr. Fighting
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Thanks to the internet, it’s now easier than ever to become famous, but man, you gotta work hard at it because it’s just as easy to become a washed up “has been”. Take Hao Zeyu for example, he’s been THAT famous person, having debuted 10 years earlier through a talent competition. Well now, he’s just a washed up actor hoping to make his comeback into the big leagues once again thanks to the help of some friends and a willingness to be unconventional.

Deng Lun from Mr. Fighting 加油你是最棒的 has been steadily drawing attention thanks to his great acting and his antics as Hao Zeyu. You just never know what to expect from him! Actors sometimes go through great lengths all in the name of authenticity and Deng Lun is definitely not an exception, making no qualms about looking silly and ludicrous just for his craft. Besides, he didn’t really take too much time at all before saying yes to the script within 3 days!  He once said that his own road to stardom is similar to Hao Zeyu’s – living in dim basements, check! Eating instant noodles everyday to save money? Been there done that! 

If you want to be famous but everything you’ve tried so far has failed, here are some CHEEKY insider tips and tricks on how to become a celebrity, the Mr. Fighting way!

First, you have to develop a “Will Do, Can Do!” attitude. 

CommitWhat did Hao Zeyu have to do to convince potential clients he’s completely serious about getting their business? He committed. You have to know what you’re selling right? So if you have to eat it, breath it, and live it, then do it. Take a page out of Zeyu’s book and eat that dog food if that’s what it takes to get that commercial endorsement. 

In fact, Deng Lun himself actually followed this method, admitting in a press con that he really had to eat that dog chow to get the perfect disgusted and pukey reaction!

deng lun mr. fighting woman episode 4
No woman, don’t cry: So the role you’re eyeing is not exactly “cut out” for you? Easy peasy! Nothing a bit of flexibility (and a long haired wig) can’t fix! Points for your instant transformation into a woman, and maybe work that “wind” from the hairdryer. Voila!

Next, fortune favours the brave. All’s fair in love and war, so there’s no such thing as looking stupid in the pursuit of getting famous. 

Steal another celebrity’s limelight: No fan club welcome waiting for you at the airport that you had to pay a ‘fan’ who couldn’t even recognize you? No problemo. Why don’t you just crash another celeb’s airport welcome and maybe get a photo beside her for some publicity. That’ll certainly get your face (and name?) out there right? Never mind that people don’t know your name at all yeah.  Baby steps.

mukbang deng lun mr. fighting

Hold a mukbang to raise funds: Living a celebrity lifestyle can be quite expensive. And unless you’ve a cool million stashed away somewhere, raising funds sounds like a practical idea. But how? Again, take a leaf out of Hao Zeyu’s book and crowdfund by having a mukbang. If Hao Zeyu can eat enough delicious things to gain 10 pounds in one sitting, then so can you. Never mind that you’re too full to eat another bite. Just be careful you don’t end up in hospital by drinking a whole container of peanut oil like our headstrong star.

So, do you think you have what it takes to be a star?

PS. Do take this with a grain of salt folks, in no way do we advise you to eat dog food. *lol* These are just some of the antics Deng Lun’s character Hao Zeyu had to do to put his name back on the map. 

What are your favourite scenes from the drama? Sound off in the comments below!

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