From Designing to Acting, Xiao Zhan Likely To Stay in Showbiz

From Designing to Acting, Xiao Zhan Likely To Stay in Showbiz
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Fans of The Untamed actor Xiao Zhan have been over the moon this week with the possibility that he’s likely set on his showbiz career. The actor recently unfollowed a “Studying in Shanghai” account on Weibo which caused his fans to make the assumption that he’s here to stay. The multi-talented cutie has been quite vocal about being a late bloomer in the industry as he had an ordinary job like you and I not so long ago as a graphic designer. Xiao Zhan even admits that his design once fetched up to 200K RMB, so it’s no wonder that fans are secretly rejoicing when the actor unfollowed the ‘Studying in Shanghai’ account. With his showbiz career taking off, it makes sense that Xiao Zhan would want to focus on his career instead. And you really have to hand it to his fans, they’re the very definition of having eagle eyes!

Now that he’s an actor-singer, Xiao Zhan has mentioned in many interviews that his goal is to hone his craft. Xiao Zhan first grabbed fan’s attention when he joined the idol reality program X-Fire. He was a 24-year-old graphic designer from Chongqing then who has been into drawing since he was 8. He put those dreams temporarily on hold because of a dream to become a singer. It’s a move that helped propel him to debut as the main vocalist for idol group X Nine

xiao zhan x fire
Xiao Zhan in the talent show X-Fire

It’s clear that Xiao Zhan is a man of many talents, interests and many dreams for the future. In an interview with Southern Metropolis Daily, he admits that 
at times, he’d say that he wanted to open a bakery. He thought that it would be pretty awesome if he could make beautiful cakes and pastries which he could also make for his friends. Other times, he’d toy with the idea of opening a hotpot place. He reveals that he’s the type of person with boundless imagination and that sometimes, he’d think about opening a coffee shop or a flower shop among other things. 

Even if he’s unfollowed ‘Studying in Shanghai’, the star is still a follower of a Chongqing foodie account and a Photoshop master account. So it seems that with him, the possibilities for the future are truly endless. Meanwhile, be sure to catch him when his new movie Jade Dynasty airs.
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