Feng Shaofeng’s Lawyers Issue Statement Against Malicious Rumors About Marriage to Zhao Liying

Feng Shaofeng’s Lawyers Issue Statement Against Malicious Rumors About Marriage to Zhao Liying
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Feng Shaofeng has recently found himself in the middle of some negative publicity with reports that his marriage to Zhao Liying was on the rocks. The two married last October and had a baby just this March. Before that, they were constantly rumored to be dating. 

Unfortunately, rumors are a dime and dozen in the entertainment industry. Barely a year into their marriage, a rumor broke out that Feng Shaofeng had an affair with an internet star from Chengdu while he was filming a drama. Screenshots of a conversation between Feng Shaofeng’s alleged lover and her friend were uploaded on the net where one of them talked about starting a relationship with someone named “FSF” whose wife is “Zhao Liyin.” Some netizens also read too much into the fact that Zhao Liying recently replaced her Weibo profile pic from her avatar in The Story of Minglan to that of Nezha

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On August 10, Feng Shaofeng studio has released a statement to claim that the screenshots were maliciously photoshopped. They further said that the rumors are untrue and Feng Shaofeng does not have any inappropriate relations with other women. They have also reached out to their lawyers. 

Despite his denials, the rumors have continued to hound Feng Shaofeng going as far to say that he and Zhao Liying have divorced. 

A statement was issued through his lawyers on August 12 to state that he will not tolerate such personal attacks and plans to take legal action against those who spread malicious lies about his alleged affair with another woman and his supposed divorce from Zhao Liying.  The statement also implores the relevant people to remove their baseless and defamatory statements from the internet or risk being prosecuted by the law.  
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