Disney’s Live Action Flick Catches Fallout from Protesters, ‘BoycottMulan’ Hashtag Born

Disney’s Live Action Flick Catches Fallout from Protesters, ‘BoycottMulan’ Hashtag Born
Crystal Liu Yifei Mulan
Disney found itself unwittingly catapulted center stage in the highly charged political fray as the hashtag #BoycottMulan started to gain momentum on social media after its Mulan leading lady Crystal Liu Yifei took to her social media in support of Hong Kong police force’s crackdown on protests. 

Liu YIfei

Reposting an image originally shared by state backed publication People’s Daily, the post  shared by the actress had the phrase “I support Hong Kong police force, you can beat me up now” written in Chinese followed by a subtext in English which says “What a shame for Hong Kong”. Her statement garnered different reactions from the public, on the one hand gaining more than 65K likes on Weibo from supporters while at the same time birthing the boycott Mulan campaign from anti-government protesters on Twitter and Instagram.

Do I want my kids to watch the Disney movie and look up the actress Crystal Liu Yifei to find out that she supports the Hong Kong police brutality and violence? What a shame for Disney” says one commenter; while another says as an American citizen, she is “enjoying freedom and democracy in the US while suppressing Hong Kong people who are fighting for freedom and democracy..” – a sentiment echoed in several posts with the hashtag. The Mulan actress is actually not the only C-Ent celebrity to share the People’s Daily post on her social media which has a 65.6 million following. The post has actually been shared by various other Chinese celebrities in similar social media posts, but Crystal Liu starring in Mulan probably got the most heat since she is headlining a big Hollywood production. 

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